Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Whatever Helps You Sleep at NIght" Pt. 2

The next two hours consisted of Theo and the Engineer sitting in a circle with some twenty other odd folk. Each had a story, some you could tell were faking it, and pity was a way of therapy in and of itself for them. Truly neurotic but no one called them out on it because those smart enough to figure it out were to insecure to get in an argument. Theo simply couldn’t care less, but wondered why a man as blunt the Engineer didn’t say anything.

The idea started to set in that perhaps the Engineer was setting them up to look up to him, like herding sheep. And in an odd way, which he couldn’t explain, Theo was started to look up to him. Although he couldn’t speak for the others, the Engineer seemed more than just intelligent, he acted like he knew something that the others didn’t. The then decided to openly find out what the thing could be. So he asked.

“And do you have any idea what’s wrong with us sir?” No matter how hard he tried to not make it come out wrong, it sounded brash and challenging to everyone heard and the Engineer was forced to retort with same energy.

“Aye, I’ve got a theory or two. Wouldn’t want you losing any sleep trying to figure them out though boy”

And with that the room bursted into lighthearted laughter, over the Engineer’s response. However harmless it was it was challenging Theo’s wit on a level no one else in the room understood. Thus was the beginning of an alliance that would change things completely.

They began to speak outside of the meetings and Theo came to admire the brash and wise Engineer. They spoke of his theories and one in particular. The theory involved the idea that the energy emission f the nation was effected brainwave patterns.

Therefore making certain people “chemically imbalanced”. So they began an underground society which took this theory to heart. Starting with the more rebellious sort at their meetings and then to chat rooms, an underground network of people that recognize that something is up.

And so it is that Theo is co-ringleader of a fairly prominent anarchist society within the streets of New London and all of Oceania . Yet he still can barely sleep. He and the Engineer’s ideas have become more radical, only within a year of meeting each other. It is at this point when they formulate a plot. A plot to make a statement to the govt. of Oceania by shutting down the power grid. They have accumulated the numbers and proper funds and begin to commence the plan. The Engineer found the technology to hack the govt. sys. and to teleport into the Watchtower, which is the stronghold of Oceania EM output. So it is that on October, 16th, 2115 that there society stages riots in every major city in Oceania . And they teleport into the main stronghold of the Watchtower. Theo looks to his left and right he realizes at this point he will be able to put a stop to Oceania EM output and help generations for years to come. It is a glorious moment. It is the moment afterwards that is not quite as glorious. For he falls to the ground from a blow to the back of the head.


Theo awakes with a throbbing pain in the back of his skull; he looks upward from the floor on which he lays. He sees The Engineer sitting at a control panel, and he slowly makes his way up onto his feet. Theo is extremely confused.

“Oh your awake! And just in time for the extravaganza!” Are the words from the Engineer’s wrinkled lips?

“What show do you mean? What the hell happened my head is killing me?” Inquires our poor soul.

“Oh you simply must for give me aye boy? I had some things to do and I couldn’t have you stopping me now could I?”

“You did this but why?”

“Like I said, I had things to do, and you would’ve gotten in the way.”

“Wh-wh-what did you do?” For the first time in two years Theodore’s stutter returns as he is frightened and confused.

“Well you see my boy, I’m from another nation I’ve lived here for fifteen years as a spy and I figured that the best accomplice in destroying a nation would be a desperate man. And boy did I fid one. You will go down in history as one of the great saboteurs of a once great nation.” Rasped Theodore’s elder.

“What have you done?”

“What we have done is let down the power grid long enough for 42 atomic bombs to be dropped over the whole of Oceania ”

Like an insecure child, Theodore chooses rather than to continue conversation he will act upon his animal instincts. And so, Theo grabs a bar on the ground and lunges at the man that has just made him commit mass murder. The bar crushes three of the Engineer’s ribs before he can respond. The Engineer then shoots Theodore in the shoulder. Theo lifts his arms high and beats the living shit out of the man before him.

Theo stands there bleeding and crying still tired, as has been a constant state for the past two years. He wraps up his shoulder making sure to apply pressure to his wound. The Engineer lies on the ground coughing up blood. Theodore walks over and then spits on the dying man’s body. Recognizing how within the past hour he has went from self-proclaimed revolutionary’ to mass murderer and traitor to his nations. All of his innocent followers were accomplices completely unaware. He feels more guilt than any man ever could. Then he speaks.

“I didn’t know that this was happening you hear me, I was just trying to make a statement, I didn’t want any of this. I didn’t know this was going to happen!” The words yelled at his dying betrayer.

And then from his blood chalked lips the Engineers last words are spoken.

”Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Theodore looks at the control screen indicating that the power grid will fail within five minutes, at which point he assumes that the bombs will drop on a defenseless and innocent nation. Something he feel he orchestrated. He walks over to the corner of the room. And decides that he will lay down until it all goes to hell. He does so and shuts his eyes. And for the first time in two years Theodore Darwin Wicker has no trouble getting to sleep.

Copyright: Xylon Otterburn, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Whatever Helps You Sleep at NIght" Pt. 1

“Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night” By Xylon Genesis Otterburn

He hasn’t slept in over a day. Forty-Two hours to be exact. And he is, as one could understand, literally restless. He remembers his conversation with the local library clerk quite vividly, for it was only hours ago. He cried out to her in desperation, the only reason she didn’t call security was because of the fact that he was clearly distraught. So from her then pursed, blue tinted lips rolled the question she had been thinking of from when his first mumbled words were spoken to her.

“Who the hell are you, and what ever so pressing is the issue that you approach me like this?” she muttered quickly with her hand twirling her white hair, around her index finger.

His words stumbled but finally, the words found their way out. “My name is Theodore, Th-th-theodore Wicker. I have been suffering from insomnia for about a month and there is no prescription medicine that has worked. Is there anything you ca-ca-ca-could recommend for me to find a solution? Please m-m-miss?”

It is at this point at which he realizes that he has just laid something deeply hurtful and personal out in front of a complete stranger that will not remember his name, probably is unable to help him, and will laugh at his poor soul’s expense later. And that’s when she bounced back with an answer which contained the kind of pep only found in youth.

“Would this perhaps be of any help sir?” her retort is bright and youthful, her hands soft as she hands him a large card which it turns out is a flier.

And so now our poor soul lays on his bed anything but asleep. Turning the card over in his hands over and over again. In bold black letters it reads “ChemIm Meetings weekly at Oppenheimer Science Labs”

He knows, oh Theodore knows what that peculiar word means. ChemIm was a new government sponsored program for the chemically imbalanced. He knows it would just be a self help meeting where people spoke of there problems, some would most likely be depressed. The ones with the biggest problems, the agoraphobics wouldn’t be there because, well they are agoraphobics. And the rest would be loons. No one with his problem would be there. Or at least no one who would be willing to admit it. Insomnia was not a desired problem after all. If you were depressed there were hotlines, there are no hotlines for people that can’t go to sleep, not that insomniacs are much for conversation. It is like living in a half-state, when you finally crash and get some sleep, you just wake up again feeling like you got hit over the head by a white dwarf star. And when you are awake you might as well not be, slipping in and out of lucidity like tight jeans slip in and out of trend.

And it’s in these sad thoughts of his current life when decides he has nothing else to lose, especially not sleep. He can’t work this way or carry on a social life, this meeting is his last ditch effort for a renewed life. So he decides to go, and this decision will mean everything to him within the coming years. Theodore prepares all weak for the meeting, he even finds himself in front of a mirror trying to look nice for the strangers that are probably worse off then he is. The concentric circles around his eyes disgust him, so much to the point where he vomits for awhile in his bathroom and then returns to his half-lucid state whilst continuing to groom himself.

He picks up the paper, it reads as such. “New London Gazette, October, 15th, 2113” He reads through the pages, paper copies are just made novelty value nowadays anyway. He finds nothing worth his attention. And so he decides to make it to the meeting early. He grabs his Grav-Disks and sails into the skies right from his balcony. He would normally walk, but the wind on his chest felt nice and stress relieving on that particular day.

He arrives at the glass double doors of the lab building; it is on Oppenheimer University campus. It is sleek and aesthetically pleasing as far as campus buildings go at least. He steps in the doors and is greeted by an older man with a white beard and very retro clothing. He is astounded by such a rustic looking fellow just standing in a campus lobby. Then to Theo’s astonishment, the man spoke.

“Aye boy, what be your name? People call me the Engineer” Scraggly was his voice like he had a few decades worth of vodka too many.

“The name’s Theo, why do they call you the Engineer?” was the retort from our slightly uncomfortable protagonist.

“Coz I bloody well tell them too, that’s why! What you here for Theo my boy?” Asked our bearded stranger.

“I can’t sleep nowadays, I thought talking it over with somebody would help, you know?”

“Aye, know what you mean. Just a piece of advice kid, it won’t help you at all.”


Friday, April 23, 2010

Kay so foreals this time!

Things have been hectic but I'm back, posting as much as i can, but no promises coz i'll feel like crap if i don't keep up with it. But basically this is the place for me to update everyone about what i'm thinking, and what's going on with my current projects. speaking of my current projects. this is what i have going on.

The Young Abnormals: The comic I'm working on Completely written by me, penciled by my good friend Michael Niemeyer, inked by me, and colored by Nick Daliege. It is really something special. I'll post sketches and other stuff as this unfolds into something sooo much more special over time.

I'm working on some vocal stuff, mainly songs i'm writing all under the moniker of The Unstable Valentines. I'm working my beautiful Avalon on this one.

Okay, so I just finished a really short story and i'm gonna post it here in three parts over the next month! And I'm in the progress of writing my next! so be on the edge of ye seats!

I'll also be posting more of my sketches and such. Alright i'll post the first installment of "Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night" soon.