Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Burn Like Lovers" Chapter one: The Frictionless Bullet

This is "Burn Like Lovers" My new web anthology. and this is our first page. Really sets the mood. So I decided to give myself the challenge of creating really unconventional romance comics. So periodically I'll put out a page or two. Each being a different story. All romance but in a sweet and contrarian style. I will letter it myself which I wanted to do for two reasons. One being that it makes it more personal, like my own disgusting penmanship in a love letter to my favorite medium(sequential art). Th other being that I don't really want anyone to add to it other than me, they will be done as a rough art piece not done for perfect craftsmanship but instead to be incredibly personal. It was once said that it is better to be a creative mess than idly tidy. So here is my romantic mess done across two days. Here is the story of Apollyon Kimota and his lover Aria. And they live in a world desolate, broken. And if there was nothing left...

Would you decide to jump headfirst into Elysium with your paramour?

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